Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Beginnings of Gender Creative Children

The book, Transgender to Transhuman, explains that each of us has a gender identity as unique as our personality.  There are billions of people in the world and billions of unique gender identities.   Thanks to pioneering parents in Canada, and a trailblazing kindergarden in Sweden, the transgender future is starting to take root.

The Egalia Preschool in Sweden avoids shackling children into gender stereotypes.  "No Him or Her at Preschool."Male and female pronouns are replaced with a gender-free neologism when the gender of a person is undeclared.  The children are free to select gender identities without regard to anatomy and without the strictures of a male-or-female duality.

The Canadian parents have allowed their new child, named Storm, to choose one or more genders rather than be labeled as male or female.  Canadian Parents Raise Genderless Baby.

The media is incorrect to label the Canadians' efforts as raising a "genderless" baby.  Instead, they are raising a gender-free baby.  The opposite of male-or-female is not no gender, but it is creative gender.  We all have way too much gender to be forced into male or female pigeonholes.  It is a multi-gender, multi-sexual society awaiting us in the future.  One that is fun and full of creative choices.  

As we leave gender duality, and gender conformity, we begin accepting a spectrum of gender, not an absence of gender.  Only the infinite shades, hues and intensities of an ultimate color wheel could label the gender choices before us.